Friday, 14 May 2010

TSP Day 3 - Bright and faint

Wednesday was a lazy day, spent doing not very much at all. I actually bothered to go to afternoon talks, as I wanted to hear Larry Mitchell's talk on Super Thin Galaxies and Alvin's talk about observing galaxy groups, clusters and trios. They were both excellent talks and very interesting, certainly to me as I particularly like observing galaxies.

For the night's observing, I joined Larry and his 36". Larry was working on next year's Advanced Observing List and we looked at some of the possible candidates for that list. We also looked at a mixture of eye candy and dim stuff, too, including M108 and some of the very faint galaxies around it, IC 4616 which is near M13, Hickson 82 and NGCs 4038 and 4039.
Unfortunately, by 0230, I couldn't stay awake any longer as I'd had the sum total of 10 hours' sleep since Sunday night so I had to call it quits and go to bed. I didn't like having to do that but, as the sky was beginning to deteriorate anyway, it wasn't the sacrifice it could have been.

However, I can't leave this post without mentioning the quote of the 2010 TSP so far. This came from Amelia Goldberg: "Larry, all this faint shit you're making me observe means I don't want to look at the bright stuff any more!".

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