Monday, 24 May 2010

Some TSP photos

I have got round to editing some of my TSP photos and here they are. Click on them for larger view.

Larry Mitchell collimating his 36 inch

The Upper Field

People getting ready to observe as dusk falls; looking west

This is one of the Texas clubs' hang outs, one of Texas Astronomical Society, Fort Bend Astronomy Club, or Houston Astronomical Society. These clubs congregate in the north-west corner of the Upper Field and here is where you'll find the likes of Barbara Wilson, Larry Mitchell, Jim Chandler, and others.

Me 'observing' at eyepiece of 48 inch. The only way to get a picture at the eyepiece without ruining night vision.

Jimi and Alvin collimating the 48 inch. The only way to see the position of the laser is to use binoculars, because of the size of the scope.

Jimi (left) and Alvin (right) with the 48 inch.

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