Wednesday, 12 May 2010

TSP Day 1 - Galaxies Galore

After a six-hour drive from San Antonio, we (that is Robert Reeves and I) arrived at the Prude Ranch on Monday afternoon. Two things were apparent when we stepped out the truck - very high winds and heat. The high winds were particularly unwelcome as they'd make observing difficult, if not impossible although we were told by ranch staff that they'd die down by dusk - and they were right, the winds did die down as dark fell. It's always nice to meet friends from previous TSPs and before long I'd run into Alvin Huey, Barbara Wilson, David Moody, Amelia Goldberg, Steve Goldberg, Keith and Jan Venables, Matt Delavoryas and many others.

The Upper Field

Depsite unpromising conditions (lots of high clouds and high winds) at first, the observing was pretty good on Monday night and Alvin, Dennis Beckley and I knocked off Larry Mitchells 2010 Advanced Observing list which, this year, was Flat and Super Thin Galaxies, Dennis's 18 inch Dob. I'll post the observations at a later date, but we observed UGC 5267, UGC 5270, MCG+2-25-42, UGC 5341, CGCG 63-37, UGC 5164, UGC 5495, MCG 3-26-39, UGC 5509, NGC 3579, NGC 3501, NGC 2820, NGC 2805, UGC 6378, UGC 6667, UGC 8040, UGC 8146, UGC 7321, NGC 4183, NGC 4222, NGC 4244, NGC 5907, UGC 10043, NGC 3245A, NGC 3432 and UGC 4719. We then claimed our pins from Larry who was pretty impressed that we'd done this in one night.

After a chat with Larry, and a peek at M17 through the 36" we went our separate ways, as it was now 0430 and some of us, including me, had been up since 0600 the previous morning.

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  1. Hi Faith,

    It looks like you had an amazing night looking at all those faint,(or not so faint through a 36") fuzzies with some of the light buckets on show.

    I wish we had the same sky quality as the deep sky enthusiasts off the TSP have.

    Good luck with the rest of your stay, and observing. And please do keep posting your observations.


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