Saturday, 22 May 2010

Home Again

After an uneventful flight (during which I watched Avatar, an excellent film and better than I expected) and bus trip home from Heathrow to Portsmouth, then a ferry ride to the Island, I arrived home on Thursday afternoon. I am pleased to say that my astro-purchases also made it home in one piece. I had been concerned for my new Telrad dew shield, as that's made of brittle plastic but, thanks to a small cake tin and clean underware acting as makeshift bubble wrap, that also made it home intact. It's now been united with my Telrad and it will certainly make life easier on those humid, dewy nights.

I have hundreds of photos to sort out, process and upload and I'll put some here and also on my Flickr page. I can't do much at the moment as I have got a massive infection of my upper arm (again) and it hurts to sit up or do anything for too long but, hopefully, I'll be able to get them done by the start of the new week. I am just grateful this infection didn't happen last week.

I have come home to nice warm weather and clear skies but the moon's now in the way so there'll be no observing, although with this infection I can't do much anyway. Annoying, really, as I'm looking forward to trying out my new purchases such as the dew shield and the twist-lock adapter.


  1. Sorry to read, your not firing on all cylinders Faith. I hope you recover pretty soon.

    Don't worry about that big fat Moon; There's little to look at now anyway, until we see a return to dark skies during August.

    I've began creating my own blog on here. I was so impressed with the stuff you post, I decided I'd like to have ago. I hope to start posting observations with my OD250S when I collect it on June 02. Finger crossed for first light.

    You don't know me (yet) but I'm also a member of the Webb DSS and also BAA (DS section) and SPA (also DS section).

    I am also a member of Macclesfield Astronomical Society, and I have recently taken up the position of society Observing co-ordinator. I all ready have a list, of people who wish to join me on observing trips that I run during the new Moon period. I live on the out skirts of the peak district NP, so the skies are considerably darker, and more conducive to deep sky observing.

    I've spent today with MAS at it's 20th birthday party here, at Macclesfield Town Hall. I had a fabulous day, which was made more special by the two guest speakers. Prof Ian Morison and Dr Allan Chapman. Both gave excellent talks.

    Ian told us that Jodrell have now got part funding for the first stage of the new science centre. Good news indeed.

    I enjoyed, very much reading your reports from the TSP. Will you have one in a future Deep Sky Observer? I wonder.

    Paul A Brierley.

  2. Thanks for the comments, Paul. The infection, an abscess, is getting better now so, hopefully, in a few days it'll be gone.
    Thanks for the kind remarks concerning my blog - it's nice to know people read it! I am going to go and have a read of yours, I see that you are listed as a follower here so I'll reciprocate. :)

    Ian Morison and Allan Chapman are always great speakers. I am not that interested in history but Allan Chapman could be talking about toilet roll and make it interesting. Good news about Jodrell, indeed.

    Good luck with the new scope!



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