Monday, 5 April 2010


All this afternoon it has been looking good for a clear evening. Until just now when it clouded over - the satellite pic does not look good either, with the system out to the west turning round and dragging crap up from France. How annoying.

Above: Satellite image, from, showing the crud moving up from the south/south-west. There's a clear spot to the south west, but that, unfortunately, will miss us. The latest view shows it filling in, in any case.

Below: The view from the garden, looking south west, and an upstairs window, also looking south west, aren't any better.

It might clear off in the early hours but as I have to be at work tomorrow morning, that's not a lot of good. Hopefully, it'll be better later in the week. I have only managed five observing sessions since January, so this is all a bit depressing, especially as I want to get among the spring galaxies before the days lengthen so much that observing will become awkward. I think I'd like to emigrate to a clearer climate at a lower latitude. I'm glad winter's over but I hate the light nights.

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