Thursday, 15 April 2010

Volcanic sunset

Here in the UK, the big news of the day (discounting the, frankly boring, General Election and the various political parties trying to outdo each other with the various packs of lies and promises they have no intention of keeping) is the huge cloud of volcanic ash that has covered the country, and most of Europe, from Eyjafjallajökull volcano in south west Iceland, which is currently erupting. The eruption has grounded all flights into and out of the UK and most of Europe and this is set to continue into the weekend.
However, with the ash covering the UK, it has provided the potential for decent sunsets. This evening's sunset was a little redder and darker than usual.

More practically, I sincerely hope the eruption has died down, or the eruptive material is blowing away from us, in three weeks' time, as I will not be best pleased if my flight to the US is disrupted or cancelled. The trouble is, with nature, you never know

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