Thursday, 18 March 2010

Aperture fever strikes!

Having caught a dose of aperture fever just recently - starting with a mild attack a couple of weeks ago and steadily getting worse with a couple of sessions on Owen Brazell's 20-inch Dob at IWSP last weekend - I have decided to get myself a large Dob. I am looking to get something in the range of 18 to 20 inches (preferably 20 inches), probably a David Lukehurst 20 inch. I am also looking at the Obsession scopes, but they have to be imported from the US, are more expensive and, quite apart from the shipping costs, I don't see why I should pay HM Revenue and Customs (who already take £70 a week in taxes off me) over £500 for the privilege of importing the thing. I was also thinking about a 16 inch Meade Lightbridge, but by the time I've saved for one, currently priced at £1839.12, I'd be halfway to affording a David Lukehurst 20 inch and I want something larger anyway - and besides, I think that a custom-built scope is a much higher quality product than a mass-produced item (good though LBs are). 
However, whatever I go for, I am going to have to save and, as I have calculated it and if the temp jobs keep steadily coming, I should be able to save the money for a 20 inch within 7 to 12 months. I hope David is still making them by the time I can afford one if it takes me longer than that!

But, in the meantime, I have TSP to save for (the flight's paid, but there's the accommodation and spending money to save for - and it will definitely make the aperture fever worse!) and also my car's MOT test in June will also set me back a fair amount as I know I need a new exhaust, brake linings and shock absorbers (although I might sell the car, and get an older, bigger, one for not much money as I am not sure my car, a little Citro├źn C3, is big enough to carry a 20 inch scope - and money left over will help pay for the new scope). However, after that, I can start to save and, all being well, I will be able to get a new scope by the end of the year.

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