Sunday, 23 March 2008

New 12" Dob

I went and collected the 12-inch Dob this afternoon and it's just as well I didn't get a 14" or larger or a longer f-ratio mirror or it never would have fit into my car, and I wouldn't have been able to carry it - the 12" is quite heavy, but I can (fortunately) lift it comfortably. On getting it home, my aunt started fussing slightly over the size of the thing: 'Big enough, innit?' and 'Where are you going to put that?' (I don't think she quite grasped the size of a 12" Dob until she actually saw it!).

Here are a few photos:

It fits neatly into the corner of my room:

Looking down the tube:

It was made with a 2-inch focusser but this can be adapted for 1 1/4-inch eyepieces, such as all mine are until I replace one or two with 2-inch versions (2-inch is the upper picture, 1 1/4-inch is the lower pic):

I am hoping for a clear night tonight so I can see how well (or not!) it works. Richard said that it focusses, but a bit further along the focus (it racks almost right in) than he'd like, so if that is a problem with some eyepieces, the mirror would need to be raised.