Sunday, 23 March 2008

First light of 12-inch

The evening started off clear so I set the 12-inch up on the patio. After letting it cool down for a while, I aimed it at some bright stars in a rapidly-worsening sky (isn't that just typical??) and M81/M82. The collimation could do with a bit of slight adjusting but the view, despite the crap sky, was pretty good and I tried out a selection of eyepieces on it. Sadly, I had to pack up after only half an hour because the sky was becoming increasingly opaque. Annoying, but hopefully we'll get some nice clear nights soon, once Spring gets well underway, and I can test it properly. Anyway, I'm pleased with what I have seen so far.

I have sent off for a laser collimator from Telescope House, a cheapish one at £34.99, so hopefully that will make collimating the scope easier and quicker. This is the first large Dob I've owned so keeping the mirrors aligned properly will be more of an issue.