Sunday, 3 April 2011

Some photos 'from the archives'

My posts just recently have been a bit light on the visuals so, in the absence of any recent trips or new sketches, I have dug out some old star party photos, from my TSP visits, and here they are. I don't think I've posted them on the blog before (I don't want to become like one of the cable tv channels that only shows repeats!) but they are, or some are, on my website.
Click on each photo for sharper and, in some cases, larger ones.

Upper field 2008

Upper field 2008

Upper field 2008

L-R: Larry Mitchell, Stephen O'Meara, Alvin Huey, 'yours truly' and Robert Reeves, TSP 2006. I have since dyed my hair!!

Lower field 2008

Middle field 2008

82 inch dome at McDonald Observatory

Barbara Wilson's 20" Spacewalk dob

Alvin Huey's 30" Starmaster dob

Me at the eyepiece of Jimi Lowrey's 48". That ladder isn't as scary as it's scarier.

Upper field, dusk 2008

Dusk falls

And keeps falling

Larry Mitchell's 36" Obsession dob

12" dob, upper field 2006

Gateway to the TSP

Gate made famous in many astronomy magazine articles, books and web sites


Fire! The 'Great TSP Fire of 2008'

Valley of the Dobs, TSP 2006

Upper field

Upper field, another view

And another view

Yet another view

Upper field 2010 - no dust! It's green!

Bob Summerfield at the eyepiece of the 36" 'Yard Scope' (originally built by Tectron Telescopes)

I love the TSP, it's definitely my favourite vacation, and I want to go back one year, hopefully in 2012. We'll see what the rest of 2011 brings...

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