Thursday, 28 October 2010


It looks like the 20" project's on hold for a bit, maybe indefinitely but most probably not. Life's got in the way and I've found I need to put the money I've saved so far to other uses. So, I have to start again from the beginning, which is a bit of a bugger to say the least. The trouble is, while astronomy's my biggest interest, other things sometimes have to take precedence and, being on a low income, such as I am, I have very little spare so when things get chucked at you out of the blue then the savings need to be sacrificed.

Oh well, I'll start again and see how far I get this time before the car breaks, I get hit for a tax demand, the dog gets sick, something else breaks...


  1. I can sympathise with you Faith.

    I am also on a low income and I am trying to save for a T6 13mm Nagler and 9mm T6 for use with my 10".

    But things always get in the way like Christmas!

  2. Yeah, it sucks doesn't it?

    Never mind, worse things happen.


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