Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Texas, here I come!

I booked my flight to Texas this morning. I could have booked online or phoned an airline but, wanting a change of scene, I headed to town and went to a travel agents. My flight is with United Airlines and I fly to San Antonio via Houston (and return the same way) on 7th May. It wasn't as expensive as I thought, only costing £457; last time I paid nearly £600 but that was because I'd left it very late to get a ticket.
Less than three months to go; I am looking forward to seeing everyone again!


Through a link on Cloudy Nights I found this lot. Cloud Appreciation? I take it none of them - or not many - are astronomers. Mind you, having said that, I suppose there's a slight crossover when you think of noctilucent clouds, which astronomers love. Noctilucent clouds notwithstanding (and they dissiapate after nightfall), I hate clouds - at night - and I don't think I'll be joining any love-in over them. However...maybe the CAS can have their clouds in daytime and we astronomers can have clear starry nights? That way we'd all be happy as the cloud-people won't moan about astronomers complaining about the clouds.
Mind you having just said all that...I am not above saying 'Hey that cloud looks like the starship Enterprise, or an elephant, or a bird, or the starship from Alien...' and so on. I may not like 'em much but clouds can be entertaining, for a few minutes, anyway.

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