Thursday, 19 June 2008

New toys

At TSP, I bought a 2" fit 35mm TeleVue Panoptic eyepiece (I don't really need one, but I have always wanted one which is a good enough reason). It is pretty heavy, though, and I am hoping I will not have to make too many (any!) adjustments to the balance of the scope.

35mm Panoptic

I also bought - second hand - a 4 inch Meade Schmidt Cassegrain for the bargain price of $110. I have to admit that I need an SCT like a hole in the head, but I couldn't resist it and it will be a good travel scope (unlike the little refractor travel scope I already have and which doesn't focus very well without racking it in until it will go no further and also has a godawful mount on it). This is a cute little scope. I also had to get a 2" diagonal to fit it, which cost me an additional $50 but this was also a bargain.

The Meade with the 2" diagonal and 35mm Panoptic in it